The Fashion House of Hillary™ is Finally Here!!!

The Spring/Summer line of the fashion House of Hillary™ is now available! 

And we must say, that we couldn't be any more excited! After several months of designing and redesigning, selecting colors and fits, getting feedback from what we call our "style braintrust" of college friends and family, the most stylish line for Hillary supporters aka"Clintonistas" is finally here for you and your family!

took our time developing shirts, tanks and hoodies that were really representative of the style and voice of our generation. To us, one of the things we pride ourselves on most is our uniqueness. So, with that said, our shirts had to be unique just as well.  

Looking over our line, you'll notice some shirts have more edge and others are more conservative.  This is specifically so everyone, young and seasoned, northern and southern, urban and suburban, can have a home in the House of Hillary! 

So, with that said, if you know a fellow Clintonista that might like to support us then do us a favor and help us spread the word. We know how important the youth vote will be in keeping the White House in Democratic hands in 2016, and we want to get the word out about us to as many voters as possible! 


Thank you,

The House of Hillary™ Team

Curtis ThomasComment